Our pharmacy team includes pharmacists, licensed pharmacy consultants, certified pharmacy technicians, billing experts and experienced medication couriers.

Our goal is to provide both optimal care and unmatched customer service for long-term care communities and their residents.  We go beyond delivering medication and providing forms like most long-term care pharmacies – we take the time to get to know your residents and your staff and develop solutions that work best for your community.

Our dedication to providing pharmacy solutions that ensure safety, accuracy and resident satisfaction is what defines our character and inspires us every day.


Kyle Simmons – Co-President
Kyle Simmons is Co-President of Boomer Solutions. Kyle and his partner, Tanner Corsini, created Boomer Solutions in 2010 and partnered with Guardian Pharmacy in 2015 to expand their service area in Oklahoma. Kyle is a fourth generation long-term care provider.

Kyle graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. Before pharmacy school, Kyle was part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Wildland Firefighting Crew battling forest fires across the United States.

When Kyle is not hard at work at the pharmacy, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Chelsea, and their three dogs. His interests are serving in his church, backpacking, fly-fishing, hunting and flying.

Tanner Corsini – Co-President
Tanner Corsini serves as Co-President of Boomer Solutions, along with Kyle Simmons, where he fulfills the instrumental role of overseeing internal pharmacy operations.

Tanner graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Biological Science degree and then earned his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at the University of Oklahoma where he graduated at the top of his class in 2010.

Tanner spends his free time with his wife, Katie, and two daughters, Tessa and Collins. His interests include golfing, hunting, fishing, and anything involving the outdoors.